Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Headlines: Food for Thought and a Bonus

As the year progresses the headlines that cause fear, and the struggles with the economy are not going away All these things are affecting more and more of us, more and more. My son is on active duty. War and all of its horrors are in our own basket, as well as yours as we live in these times. The failing economy continues to wreak its toll on what used to be called our budgets.
And so, I encourage you to do what you can, where you can, when you can. As an individual you or I cannot resolve the situations that are generating the fear from the headlines. Nor can we resolve situations in the city, state, or country. BUT, what we can do is resolve to do something, to create our own safe haven in attitude and action in our preparedness program. Even if you are in a small apartment there has to be one corner that you can set aside to hold a few things that will benefit you. If you can’t create a “safe room”, plan and create a comforting “safe corner.”

Preparedness and provident living go hand in hand. You can help yourself deal better in the economic foray, and at the same time have things in your cupboards to get you through tight situations.

Remember you can get prepared without panic and hype, a little at a time consistently, constantly and regularly.

Being prepared does not mean there is no crisis, as some would have you believe. I’m afraid my experience has shown that I personally cry a lot: tears of frustration, tears of fear and foreboding, and then tears of gratitude, as I plod along doing my best to cope, a little at a time.

(Stay tuned for an up coming blog on creating a safe place or check out Preparedness Principles for detailed instructions)

Today’s Blog Bonus: A Preparedness Tool You May Not Have Thought Of

Use your calendar for preparedness. Since emergencies don’t call before arriving, calendar a time to check your equipment. Make sure it is functioning and won’t be in need of repair or parts at a crucial time. Something as small as a flashlight bulb that no longer works can compound the frustrations, and even fear, at a time when it is needed most.

An obvious and easily remembered time is in the fall and/or spring when the time changes, or in the month of your birthday. In case you haven’t noticed it’s already past the time of year when the time changes in most places. (If you live in one of the other two time zones, read on anyway and find a date to remember.) Now is an excellent time to follow through. If that date has not been on your calendar, put it on right now for next Saturday, or the first day you have off from work! Pay particular attention to when the severe storm season begins in your part of the world. Calendar your equipment check-up at least two months ahead of that time frame. (Uh Oh, do you need to hurry?)

It has been mentioned before, but needs to be emphasized again; this one step could be of critical importance if you are new to a climate or particular type of storm pattern area. Be sure to keep the appointment for this check-up!

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