Friday, November 14, 2008

Food for Thought To Put In Your Preparedness Cupboard

Today I thought I would just give you some food for thought. You can put it in your pantry if you can figure out how.

As this election year progresses and we get closer and closer to the New Year, many of us are not looking forward with great joy as to what the new year and years might bring. I’m afraid that the headlines that are causing fear and the struggles with the failing economy are not going to go away.

Personally all these things are affecting each one of us more and more as that falling economy continues to wreak its toll.

So far it doesn’t appear that any one of us has the solution to be able to turn things around. We seem to be floundering more and more in our thoughts and abilities to put positive action in place in our lives. As an individual, you nor I cannot resolve any of these situations. Nor can you or I resolve the situations in our state, city or county – let alone the national debacle.

BUT – what we can do is resolve to do something, to create our own safe haven in attitude and action in our own preparedness program. Even if you live in a small apartment there has to be one corner that you can set aside to hold a few things that will benefit you – in your home. If you can’t create a “safe room;” plan and create a “glorious safe corner.” I know I have talked about it before, but it seems as if conditions are continuing to swiftly ebb in a downward spiral so much so that panic and fear is entering our thoughts and conversations. I personally don’t think the “end of the world” is upon us, but there may be a huge bump in the road.

And so I would encourage you to do what you can, where you can, when you can! If you “have been thinking about it,” but haven’t quite gotten around to that positive plan of action yet”, don’t you think it’s about time? And if you have gotten around to it and have that first jar of peanut butter stashed on the shelf, good for you, keep working on it.

Preparedness and provident living go hand in hand. You can help yourself deal better in the nasty economic foray that we are facing and at the same time have things in your cupboard to get you through tight, tough situations.

Remember this is without panic and hype; just a little at a time – consistently, constantly and on going.

Being prepared does NOT mean there is no crisis as some would attempt to have you believe. Preparedness is not a project with an absolute goal of “having it all done”, no matter what “they” say.

Keep hanging on, keep trying, and of course keep praying!

Should you be discouraged thinking about all of “this stuff,” I thought I would toss out a “Funny Bone.” And since I was the one who witnessed this, you might say once more I’ll share an experience. :)

A year or so ago I observed a young mother standing in front of me, in the long line at the butcher counter of the supermarket, waiting her turn. She had the number of her turn in her hand. She was obviously very pregnant and very tired. Her two children were becoming more and more restless as they tussled around the shopping cart. Finally a voice called out, “55 --- 55.” “Here I am,” she called, waving her number. Her son immediately and emphatically stated, “But Mom, you’re not 55.” Without a second’s hesitation she responded wearily, “Today I am! Oh boy, today I am!”

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Thanks for this reminder to approach our preparedness with a plan, and yet not in panic. I appreciate that. I've been reading about the prophecies of Ezekiel and feeling a little tense.

Lucy Stern said...

Food Storage is always on my mind, since I am a dry pack specialist in our area. I have a personal budget of $ 100.00 a week to grocery shop with and I am always figuring out ways to buy storage with some of that money. People don't realize that a little bit here and a little bit there will add up..

Several weeks ago we had a class on canning chicken and only two people showed up so we decided to take lots of pictures and make a power point demonstration of it. We can get this power point out to the ladies and let them watch it in their own time, when the kids are asleep and the house is quiet. I was very excited how easy it was to do. I know that I would rather have more than canned tuna and spam in my food I also look for specials at the grocery store in the freezer case for storage in my freezer. Right now I think we could eat for four or five months with what is in the freezer.