Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy New Year And The Sales Are Coming, The Sales Are Coming!

Isn’t it amazing, time just keeps marching on whether I have my to-do list accomplished or not. And whether or not I have my emergency cupboard filled the way I would like it to be. I have calculated the amount of milk chocolate that I need for my years supply, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to complete it. Of course it doesn’t help that the principle of eat and it disappears always applies to this particular shelf.

I hope many of your New Years Resolutions include your preparedness program. If I could give you anything as this New Year approaches, it would be the enthusiasm and desire to do whatever it takes to help yourself become self sufficient. It brings such a marvelous sense of security and peace. The process and thrill of the hunt is so much fun. The filling of the space on a shelf is so rewarding. And the sigh of relief when the power fails, and you know that you and yours are going to be all right is one of the greatest rewards of all.

So may you have a great New Preparedness Year!

Now as you pull out that new calendar with blank pages that reads 2009 across the top I have another paper planning assignment to save you money and help you fill your preparedness pantry/cupboard. Look closely at the pages for January, February and March. – Because the Sales Are Coming, the Sales Are Coming. These are not the type of sales that we have just seen, with hype and promotion all connected to holidays. These are sales where if you learn to use them to your advantage, instead of the expected visa versa, you can fill a shelf or two in your preparedness cupboard.

Even with all of the distractions this time of year brings, you need to keep in mind the need to plan for future wise buying. Now is the time when you should be plotting and planning some strategies for January, February and March. These are the months noted for the sales on health and beauty aids and personal hygiene items. When that time arrives the newspapers will be filled with inferred bargains.

How do you recognize which is the best price? Let me recommend a homework assignment that will help. Start by assessing your cupboards and shelves. Decide what your needs as far as deodorants, shampoos, toothpastes and the like will be. (If you run out in the meant time, purchase only one or two to allow you to get by.) Use a small notebook, or several sheets of notebook paper. Start by jotting down specific brands or the items that you and your family frequently use. As you read the ads on Wednesday or on the day your local ads arrive., consciously note the prices of these items. Jot them down. Take a few seconds to read labels and compare ingredients as you shop. Include house brands in your comparisons.

Are you thinking this sounds like busy work and perhaps you don’t have the time? Keep in mind; it’s your budget! Is it stretching as far as you would like it to? To become a professional penny pincher does take a little effort. Just consider the rewards!

When February comes you will have knowledge and background. As the prices appear you can take out the results of your research. You will have done your homework. You will immediately recognize the best prices. And knowing that this will be one of the best times to buy, your budget stretching tactics will receive an A+!

Oh yes, one more thing to help you plan ahead and be ready to find good prices; the inventory clearances and sales will also be taking place, because the new season’s products will be coming in to the stores and the shelves need to be cleared.

Now, I think that should be enough incentive for all of you to go running to find that notebook and pencil! What is this noise? You are all yelling at me? Barbara, you say, how archaic can you be? Aren’t you aware that in today’s world all we use are computers? Some of us might not even remember what a small notebook or a pencil is (Ha Ha).” Well, a few of you may have mastered a palm pilot, but for the rest of you, carrying a lap top and printer so that you can keep track of all the lists, while making them and checking them twice, in stores, outlets, bargain stores, etc., in addition to your newspapers, does get to be a little cumbersome. Just a thought.

And no, those companies who want to make your lists for you as to where the best bargains are won’t work if you are going to consider all of the options that apply to you. I’ll do an entire column on that later for you.

Ok, You figure out your list control, and I’ll tell you how to stretch your money:)

Return to the Neighborhood.


Sandi said...

Thanks for the good information. I've always hated feeling like I'm at someone else's mercy when it comes to pricing. It makes me so mad to find the same thing for a better price the week after I bought it. This is homework I can use!