Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to My New Website

Today’s blog is an exciting blog – for me. It is the official announcement of the launch of my new, revamped, revised, updated, website.


Why another website? Why a website from Barbara? Why Solutions?

Since preparedness and trying to help others understand the difference between valid preparedness concepts and preparedness rumors or sales pitches or “whatever”, has been in my DNA forever and subsequently evolved into thirteen books and several videos, columns and so on, I felt that I should move forward into cyber space to continue my campaigns. Thus I now am putting forth the effort to communicate and teach with blogs and a new website.

The goal of the Solutions Website is to help you meet the ever increasing need for sound, common sense knowledge and skills of personal preparedness that will enable you to cope – and confidently live through - the technological crises created by man and/or Mother nature’s temper tantrums that take away the normal ingredients of our lives; such as power – heat-light-water- and sometimes the ability to “run to the store” for supplies.

Its purpose is to provide you with the know-how (and perhaps some encouragement and incentives) for setting up a realistic, organized program of personal preparedness: whether for an individual or a family…suitable to your circumstances, environment and budget …Just In Case.

One of the reasons for Solutions is to replace some of the panic and fear and overwhelming confusion – along with faith promoting rumors - that abound about how to be prepared or what to do to be prepared. The principles taught in Solutions (and my books) are not based on the theory that the world is falling apart, or that you need to stockpile arms. Nor will you be hearing anything from me about wilderness survival so that you can “head for the hills” for safety.

With Solutions you are going to learn the solutions for practical personal preparedness right where you are … in your own home! Your practical preparation now could very well make the difference between coping or chaos later. Our MOTTO? If you are prepared you can cope! Or to put it another way, you will be shown how to prepare in order to make most current crises – whether it be extremely difficult economical times or a disaster - more bearable.
With the new website, I am launching a campaign to help you help yourself be prepared in all areas of Personal Preparedness and have the ability to Beat the High Cost of Eating!

www.solutionsforpreparedness.com Here you will find the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to master the many facets of self-reliance. The practical and applicable solutions provided on this site will help you deal with the affects of the hard-times and headlines.

You are invited to come browse, read a while, gather information to help you, share the blogs, check out the events, leave a comment or two. Check out Our Little Online Store – it is still under construction with bigger and better things to come. It is being designed to fill a special niche, with some very exclusive things just for you.

If you have visited the site before, check it out again. It is going to be constantly improving. Suggestions are welcome (as long as they are kind : )

www.solutiomnsforpreparedness.com enables you to eliminate the confusion of how – and what-to prepare AND how to afford it all!

Welcome to My New Website

PS. You have my permission to forward this most important announcement to all of your relatives, correspondents, friends, dentists, health care technicians, hair dressers, in-laws, vets, employees, employers, etal. :)

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