Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some More Food For Thought

Here we go with some more food for thought. With all the blaring headlines and the scary events such as mass terrorism, earthquakes, and elections taking place in all parts of the world, I thought that perhaps a non-panic idea would be helpful.

One of the concepts that I teach can, and should, impact all of your preparedness. I have given the concept a name and an icon so that it is instantly recognizable. Soft Security has been established in Preparedness Principles and all of my workshops. And now you can make it part of your attitude and planning.

Soft Security permeates all facets of preparedness, from the planning stage to actually living through the event. Soft security is realizing that personal preparedness can be accomplished without panic or a doomsday attitude. You can do what needs to be done to feel secure. You can take it one step at a time, with a personalized plan of action. Once you begin and your plan starts to fall into place, the feeling of Soft Security descends as confidence. You know that you will be able to cope. Panic and fear are replaced with knowledge and skills, common sense, supplies and equipment and a symbolic teddy bear. World wide the teddy bear represents comfort and assurance. It does not lessen the seriousness of the situation. It just offers Soft Security! You can learn what you need to do to build your confidence, and that of your family and make the crises that occur in your life more bearable. The Soft Security teddy bear is not a toy; it is a symbol. It is a reminder. It is to remind you of the Soft Security that comes when your own personal preparedness program is in place. (Check out Preparedness Principles.)

Everyone needs that kind of teddy bear in their lives. Begin right now to design your preparedness program for protection and all the necessary “whatevers” as well as determining what kind of Soft Security that you need! Maybe it would be a good thing to actually go out and get a teddy bear to have on hand as your symbol and reminder; even more than one for your family members.

It is amazing how you are prone to hug a teddy bear in the aftermath of a huge earthquake or storm or major upheaval in your life. One of the TV news stories immediately following the Northridge, CA earthquake was of a young woman in her mid-twenties who was shown sobbing outside the ruins of her apartment. The next camera shot on the screen showed a fireman pulling a scruffy, dirty, what used to be white teddy bear from the ruins of her apartment and handing it to her. The late night news showed that same scene with a follow-up of her still hugging that bear hours later. Many firemen and police now carry teddy bears with their equipment because of the Soft Security factor, for all ages of human beings.

Of course by now you know that my teddy bear comes complete with a long burning flashlight, a good book and lots of good milk chocolate. Perhaps yours will have a box of lemon drops, corn nuts and a large economy word puzzle book.

Most importantly, no matter how scary the headlines get, or the world events become, find the faith you need to be consistent in your preparations, without fear, panic or doomsday. Keep a teddy bear in plain view to remind you that all crises can be made more bearable!

A Funny Bone

J.T. of Sandy, UT forwarded this experience to me.

“While moving from Ohio to Massachusetts, a mover asked me if we had a horse. Puzzled I answered that we had a rocking horse. He said, ‘Oh’, and walked away. I called after him and asked, ‘Why?’ He said he was just wondering why in the world we had a 50 pound bag of oats in our basement.”

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