Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Your Emergency Cupboard Bare?

At this time of year it’s important to step back and review another kind of cupboard. If you can’t find one in your home it’s time to create one! It’s one that should really be maintained full at all times. But for some reason we seem to be willing to concentrate on it more now than when the sun was shining every day and parks, picnics and beaches filled our minds. I’m referring to your Emergency Cupboard.

So then, what is on the shelves of your emergency cupboard? Please note right away I am not talking about “home storage” and the “infamous” ten-thousand pounds of wheat you should have under your bed. (Isn’t that the rumor one always hears about? Well, close to it anyway.)

Before winter’s grip becomes a stranglehold, it’s time for you to realistically assess what you might come up against this winter – or even late fall as the storm season progresses in your part of the world. You need to be prepared with the solutions to these problems before they occur. In any winter emergency, whether at home or in the car, two of the biggest villains that may have to be conquered are the wet and cold, combined with lack of food (or foods that can be made edible). If one, let alone both of these factors exist, a simple problem can be compounded to critical intensity.

Let’s take a closer look at just what things you need to have on the shelves of this cupboard.
It is of vital concern that you have the proper resources to get dry – and then be able to stay dry. Keep in mind that layered clothing will prove to be warmer than a ski-type suit. A poncho, tarp, emergency blanket, or even a garbage bag with head and arm holes cut out, will help protect the body. Be sure to have a warm hat and gloves if exposure to severe weather is a probability. Emergency heat and light should also be considered as priorities as well.

Foods that require no refrigeration, little or no cooking and little preparation are an absolute must. It is extremely important to assess the individual needs of your household members. Will you be providing for an infant, elderly person or someone with a severe allergy? It will make a difference as to what kinds of food products you keep in your emergency cupboard.

Shop, read and compare to find the items with the versatility to meet your needs as well as staying within your budget. Do not be misled into complacency because you happen to have several candles and one container of canned heat.

I strongly recommend that you hold several practice sessions with whatever you have planned to use in an emergency. This definitely is not the kind of situation where you want to have on-the-job training. Practice sessions – without any cheating and relying on the “regular stuff” you have handy in the kitchen- could be a real eye-opener.

Begin listing items or products that will be essential to meet your needs during a winter or storm emergency. Assess your cupboards and closets for items you may already have on hand that will work without having to rely on regular utilities. Many things will function in a different scope than normally used when viewed with a different perspective.

It only takes moments to recognize that the purchase of some items may be necessary to have an emergency cupboard that can function properly. As you plan your monthly budget try including a specific amount to cover the costs of these items. It may mean that you spread the cost over several months. That’s okay, especially if you buy the most critical items first.

You can do it. Find the enthusiasm you need to keep going. Just imagine the feeling you will have when the thunder gets so loud you think your house is falling apart, the lightning is so bright it lights up the room in the daylight, and the rain coming down isn’t just rain, it’s a deluge; but you will have security in a box or cupboard. You will be able to know that you and yours will be okay because you put forth a little effort. It’s a great feeling! I know! Just keep the teddy bears handy- they work for one and all when the thunder gets really loud!


Elaine said...

Great post! Definitely need to keep this in mind..