Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Finger Licking Treat for Power Outages

Spring has sprung and summer is "a comin". This of course means summer storms in all of their fury and more power outages. So your challenge is to gather your equipment and supplies, and perhaps practice while it is light. Then you can become a master cookie maker within the glow of an LED lantern or a camp lantern on the patio.

Equipment note: A Sterno stove and Sterno (canned heat) or one of those marvelous small single burner temporary stoves would work well for this. Check out our website to see the stoves

I found a fun thing I could not resist sharing with you.

I collect old cook books. In one, a week or so ago I found a perfect recipe for power outages.

When things get tough ... and, dark you have to stay cheered up, right?

In this instance plan ahead to have the right, as in correct, equipment and the right ingredients on hand.

A practice session or two just might be required to make sure the taste is just how you want it.

Warning: this is a lick your fingers recipe :)

Skillet Cookies
1 cup chopped dates Combine in a skillet and cook over medium heat until
1/3 cup water dates are softened and the mixture is sticky.

1/2 cup chopped nuts Add and mix well. Remove from heat.

about 2 cups cereal flakes Stir in enough dry cereal to give the desired consistency.

coconut shape with fingers and roll in coconut

Place on plastic wrap on cookie sheet to set up. Note that date nuggets may be substituted for regular dates. You may want to reconstitute them prior to making recipe.

Yield is about 2 dozen small cookies