Thursday, January 20, 2011

blog radio list


Thanks for coming to my blog. As you may see I have not blogged for awhile. That's because the roller coasters that come into our lives sometimes prove to be so big that a blog disappears from our priority list for awhile.

However, let me give you the list of things you may want to consider as you think and plan for your indoor farm. Is is a very rewarding project, even though a few weeds of different vaieties may find their way into your plans as well as the container pots.

I would love to hear how your garden grows - or not.

Liquid Vit B12 for plants
root start (optional)
Pots/containers big enough for your plants to grow up and out.
check out the thrift stores
Potting soil
plant food (or compost tea)

these DO NOT have to be organic!
Vegetables with roots/
leaf lettuce
green onions

For those of you who find this blog and think it strange or mysterious - you may want to join us on Thursday evenings on the Blogtalk radio/Preparedness Network at 7pm. MT or 8:00 pm. CT or 9:00 pm. EST or in the West at 6:00pm. We are talking about Indoor Farms this week and next Jan 20 and 27. Yes, you read it right. Indoor Farms. I am the host

Barbara Salbury