Friday, October 24, 2008

Budgets In The Middle of Footbal

Football Frenzy! What in the world can football and games have to do with beating the cost of eating let alone preparedness?

Well here we go again, Barbara will find a way to tie it in.

Of course I know it’s your budget and you may chose to spend it however you want. But sometimes a little insight to jog your thinking may make a difference in how much you spend. Or in actuality help you realize how much you have been spending.

Fall’s in the air and football is on TV as well as in the stadium. The push is on and there are cheerleaders in the stores as – leading the cheers as the scores go higher and higher. Of course the scores that are going higher are at the cash register not the goal post.

The saturation of sports on the airwaves and in the sports arenas as the bowl seasons converge will be used as a major thrust to promote all manner of commodities

Such concerted effort pays off! One store reports that sales were 10% higher for Super Bowl week than the previous week. Because the “football themed merchandising was so intense that shoppers could have played a game in the store.”

BEFORE the adrenalin starts to flow, no matter which is your favorite team, and you get caught up in the hoopla you need to make your own defensive buying and spending plans.

Impulse snacks and munchies purchased for one game night might not be too detrimental. However, if sports and watching sports activities are a high priority in your household, the number of games and events that are scheduled as the seasons gather momentum could put more than just a dent in your budget.

A good team captain studies the opposition’s offensive (or selling) tactics before the games begin. Get your own defensive spending tactics lined up; be alert and aware, plan well and then enjoy the sports events.

Again the economy will be taking its toll on your shrinking budget. Check out items, prices and the amounts you are thinking about buying. Check out the different outlets and eliminate bulk buying at the convenience stores. It may even come to the point of substituting one item over a more expensive one to stick within that budget. Oh, what was that comment?. Make a treat budget and stick to it? Hmmmm, what an idea.

The events on TV you can get around because you can make and take your own. You’re going to have to work harder on any event you attend in an area or stadium. But it’s doable – if you think, plan and scheme ahead.

Yes, tightening the belt is going to effect areas that some would consider small in comparison. Well in comparison to what; treats versus the house payment? Sure. However,figure out how many games, times how many people, times how many of how many treats and snacks and drinks – over how many months.

Could overindulgence and lack of planning use money that in today’s situation could be invested in staples for the pantry? Ow, Ow, Ow, hear come the nasty comments such as “get a life”, or “how fanatic are you going to be with this stuff?” I don’t know, I just thought I would ask. And if it makes you think a little more and budget a little more then we both have succeeded.

Maybe in the campaigns we are waging we should have the next blog be “Frugal Munchies Without Guilt J”. So let me know if your team wins. Or will it be your team winning. Rah Rah

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