Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grocery Prices Are Really Getting Expensive - HUH?

Newsflash.Headlines on lead stories in the media.Nightly news is letting us know.

My immediate response is,”Duh!” But I’m sure that that wouldn’t be considered polite. So I won’t write it. I will just think it strongly enough so that you think you see it.

With this in mind, you need to be aware of some things that most likely will affect how you buy.

PLEASE be aware that the faster the economy plunges and the higher the prices go, you are going to see,(and be sent) A Lot More Coupons. I may lose a few friends of the blog here, but read on before you jump ship … or jump blogs.

Coupons DO NOT save you money. Coupons will hurt your buying power. Coupons are a major marketing tool of the industry – not the grocers, the grocery manufacturers. And they have been positioned in your mind as a savings tool. That positioning has been so successful that many of you accept coupons as part of the grocery-shopping scenario. They are everywhere so they must be OK. Right? WRONG!

My study and research into coupons is one of the reasons that I appeared on all of the national talk shows. I was and still am, one of the few who will fight and campaign for your rights and understanding as to how to get more money for your buying power.

The grocery industry flatly states that,”During hard economic times coupons are used as a consumer pacifier. They are seen as the way to save money.”

Nope not even double coupons are the way to the best deals for your budget. Honest! Double coupons and a sale will help, but how many of those offers do you actually see anymore. And has anyone ever told you how much some of the “Coupon Queens” SPEND before they can go a shopping spree to buy $300. dollars worth of grocers for .02 cents. Truly, it is sometime for more than a year and they will spend $3.00 for every dollar they save! More later!

Do you think I have an opinion? Just to help you listen and keep reading, I thought you might like to know that I did ten years of research inside the grocery industry for my book Beating the High Cost of Eating. (What? You thought I did ten years? Hmmmm)

There are other options that will extend your buying power! Knowing how to shop is a great one. Yes, you may have been going to the store for years, but do you really know how to navigate a store and have your budget come out the winner? Do you really know how to read those ads when there is a “sale” and know which items you can afford and which are simply for sale?

Part of Practical Preparedness is knowing how to stretch those shrinking dollars until they scream. Part of the “fun” of hard times is being able to win a lot of the battles. I think I will jump on the bandwagon again and launch a blog campaign for you, to help you with some real, doable ideas to help you so that when you read those constant headlines about rising grocery prices – from everywhere will be a resounding “DUH!!” DO WE SAY IT OUTLOUD?

Get your notebooks and pencils ready, check out Beating the High Cost of Eating and get ready to go to the store without crying!

PS. Thought you might want to know, Ratatouille is still with us.

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