Monday, January 19, 2009

Can You Translate The Handwriting On Your Wall

I think perhaps some of us may need to adjust our thinking. With the headlines and the economy and the wars and rumors of, some of us may be joining the ranks of the scared stiff and panicking. Of course some of the things that are lurking around the corners, that may attempt to totally consume what was left of our budgets as soon as the dust from the election settles, can be pretty scary.

Right now the TV, tabloids and rumor mills, in addition to the faith promoting rumors, are running rampant with all of the “WHYS” that one can possibly imagine – you know the “real why’s” as to WHY we need to be prepared.

Some are quoting “The Great Rapture,” some the absolutely-positively-definite end of the world that is to take place in 2012. Some are quoting prophecies and predictions popularized by noted proclaimed prophets from centuries past, which sells a lot of tabloids.

However, maybe it would be helpful to get away from the panic train and come closer to home in our thinking. If you happen to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or Mormon Church, there have been prophets telling us to be prepared for quite a few years now. I don’t recall any mention of specific dates or reasons.

Therefore, once again let me share some Barbara doctrine with you. Preparedness is NOT just food storage, it is the ability to remain self-reliant, come what may and cope with it.

Looking at the handwriting on the wall in today’s world I would suggest that the likelihood of many of us being laid off or losing our jobs is much more realistic than the cataclysmic demise of all nations at one time. I would also suggest that the weather patterns of recent months as well as the major disaster occurrences are taking place in regional or localized areas. That is not to say that the huge purple clouds rumored to be lurking and waiting to drop the contagious heebie-jeebies over all the planet at the same time might exist after all! (Don’t quote the source for this rumor.)

Once again, let me use the Salsburys as an example, to help “localize” your thinking. Several years ago we had the “wonderful” experience of losing our business, existing on the edge of bankruptcy, and having the opportunity to pay off several hundred thousand dollars in business debt. This was no small disaster in our lives. However, with much sacrifice, pinching pennies until they screamed, extremely strict budgeting and a survival mode that meant eating exactly what we had in the pantry, we did survive.

Another example of being “blessed” with experience was the time, not too long distant from the above experience, when once again Larry’s job went down the drain. We were able to exist for a year and a half without any assistance from the Church, let alone the government. Now this was not easy, and soup and oatmeal got very old, very quickly. One more “truth” that we soon learned was that you definitely can’t put wheat in the gas tank!

Another time, when our children were much younger, was an entire year of many hospital visits and massive hospital bills and more soup and oatmeal. That kind of situation is called enduring to the end, and you can’t see the end in sight or the budget to get you there.

Even our experience of living through the incredible 7.2 Loma Prieta earthquake was local, not fun, but local.

Therefore, my sermon for the day is to get enthused about what you can do as well as what you need to do to enable you and your family to be self reliant … in your own neighborhood. Take a look around with a new perspective to see what it could be that you might face. Forget for little while how terrible the world is and check out your own backyard. It could be scary too, especially if you look up and see a purple cloud.

Return to the Neighborhood


Cheri J. Crane said...

Excellent advice. =)

Barbara Salsbury said...

Thanks Cheri, I hope you haven't found purple cluds in your backyard since reading the blog :)


Tristi Pinkston said...

I hadn't heard about the 2012 prophecy. :) I do sometimes wish we'd been given a more definite timeline. I like to be organized like that. :)

I could not agree with you more. Let's take care of getting ourselves organized and not worry about the rest, because we can't control the rest. We can only control ourselves, our preparations, and our reactions.

Barbara Salsbury said...

Hi Tristi,

Thanks for dropping by. I always appreciate hearing from you. However, if I knew a specific timeline I'd probably be a basket case just like everyone else. But if the basket had chocolate in it, I might make it :) MIGHT !