Monday, February 2, 2009

Just a Word of Caution

Today's blog is just a word of caution.

The world of commercial preparedness is very cyclical. Right now the panic is on! All kinds of items, foods and "answers to all of your needs," are being offered in all kinds of stores and outlets, some that have never offered these kinds of foods before.

You can find all kinds of preparedness solutions on the web. Yes, even my web site.

I would suggest that you come back to one of my favorite sayings, "Use Wisdom in All Things," especially preparedness.

May I suggest that the majority of those individuals who work in preparedness stores are working at a job and that a good majority of them only understand what they have been told in order to sell a product. Very few have an understanding of nutrition, food preparation or precisely what might be needed in an emergency situation.

Also be aware that a lot of products are being offered for sale right now, just because the panic cycle has hit.

Keep in mind that "their" list of what you need and your list of "what you really need," may be worlds apart. Theirs most likely is computer generated. Yours hopefully will be need, budget and inventory generated.

A critical rule of thumb must be, "Do Not Buy a Lot of Stuff if You Don't Know How to Use It or Prepare It!" You will be wasting your hard earned and perhaps limited money. If you have not purchased or used dehydrated foods before, for example. Buy only a little bit. Figure out how to prepare it, then eat it. Yes you read it correctly; then eat it.

If you have not attempted to prepare a full meal on an emergency stove, now is the time to practice, more than one time.

A combination of new, untried foods and a different kind of stove could just be the ingredients for a different kind of disaster. One that could leave you hungry and disgruntled.

I have shared my story before about the first time I tried to cook dehydrated cabbage, not understanding what it meant to reconstitute this kind of food. We had dehydrated cabbage for almost a week. It makes A LOT!

My word of caution to you is to not panic! I've said it before, but it seems every time I go into a supermarket, or drug stores and even the discount department stores the "Get Prepared Now " signs and products filling the "SALE" shelves are crowding all entrances and many aisles.

Now that could be a good thing, if the prices are right and you have been looking everywhere for that miracle emergency stove that is right in front of you.

Just remember that miracle pills and miracle juices are NOT what you want in your preparedness pantry. There is no pill that can replace good food.

Take your time. Use wisdom. Stretch that budget until it screams. Enjoy filling those shelves. But don't buy in panic mode or sales person or sale's ad pressure mode.

And since Valentine's Day is coming, remember one of the best times to buy that chocolate will be AFTER February 14. Oh excuse me, I meant to mention how important it is to look for sales on pork and beans. How did chocolate get in there?


Cheri J. Crane said...

I've always thought chocolate was one of the basic food groups. =) No worries.

Cindy Beck said...

I agree with Cheri. And think about what a great "trade" item chocolate would be, as well as a morale booster ... so I think we should follow Barbara's advice and buy chocolate along with the pork and beans. :)

Barbara Salsbury said...

Hey, I know, instead of worrying about this silly bail out stuff, we should form a Chocolate Co-Op Anonymous. What could get better good chocolate AND good prices. Or maybe it might have to be chocolate covered pork and beans to stay a serious conversation. Oh well, who said Preparedness was dull?


susan said...

I love your common sense and practical nature. Thank You. P.S. can I use your quotes? Giving credit of course! I'm new to blogs and emailing, but would love to become a follower. Are you allowing that?

Barbara Salsbury said...

Welcome, welcome. Thanks for your kind words. With my schedule my bkogs are suffering, but I still love hearing from all of you!