Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a reminder

I have been thinking (that could be dangerous.) Some of you may need a few reminders for your preparedness and your budget.

Now is the time for you to start jotting down the lists of the kinds of equipment, supplies, foods, etc.'s that you want to be putting in your pantry or where ever. This is spring and very quickly after spring comes summer, summer sales and clearances.

However, because the economy is playing silly games with your and my budget, some of the rules are getting squished and switched around.

If you want to do any canning or preservation NOW is the time to be buying bottles and lids. There is a rumor floating that you can re-use your canning lids, not the rings but the lids. That is an absolute No-No. Do not reuse lids for any produce or food that is home bottled.

But the prices are going sky high.

Now is the time to be buying canning bottles. You may re-use bottles of course. A great place to get them right now are the DI and Salvation Army outlets. Yes, second time around bottles. A lot of people gave up canning for a while. A lot more people are now snatching up those bottles. Recently I have been getting them for .25 cents each. Last year in the middle of canning season they went to $1 each. Do not be surprised at how high they go this year.

This is also the time to be buying pectin and your jam and jelly supplies.

Make your list and check it twice for batteries and the other equipment supplies you will need, such as wicks, mantles or bulbs. Try not to wait to buy them all at once. Check out the Army Navy Surplus stores, or Sporting goods Outlets for good sales.

Sleeping bags, hand warmers, and those kinds of items may be sale priced. When fall comes the hunting and outdoor sport season goes into big time and the prices will go up.

If you want to make any of your own cheese, start buying your Rennet now, even a box or two per shopping trip. When fall comes the prices will go up, because people's thoughts turn to the "Squirrel Syndrome" and the changes in weather bring about changes in the kinds of foods we eat and prepare.

This same rule applies to bouillon and soup bases, a few at a time per pay day will stretch the budget and fill that space on the pantry shelf.

Of course, the "few at a time" rule is good common sense for all of the items we want to have on the pantry shelf as we battle the economy's up's and up's. No, I didn't make a mistake. Around my part of the world there are very few downs in the up's and downs.

Enjoy making your lists and checking them twice. It really is fun when you win!


Prepare Today For Tomorrow said...

I have to admit I don't know too many people my age that can like me:) I am 27 and grew up with it and have done it on my own for 6 years now. My grandma and mom have cut down on their canning and I inherited a lot of their jars. I found my canning equipment at the DI for $7. My 2 older children ages 5 and 3 help me every year as well and think it is a lot of fun to put the squishy tomatoes in the jars:)

Prepare Today For Tomorrow said...

I am the emergency preparedness coordinator for 200 homes in Riverton, UT and have a blog I didn't realize when I named it that it was similar to your website until I mis-typed mine. The reason it is named that is because when I was assigned this job in January I soaked up the books you wrote! I love the motto to plan not panic and that is what I wanted to get across to people. So from then on I found your books gave me info that I could post to help people and I would cite your info. Thank you for all of your knowledge that you share!