Thursday, September 3, 2009

Did I Fall Off the Face of the Earth?

Hi - I seems like forever since I have had the opportunity to blog. I so admire the many of you who can blog every day, let alone several times a day. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogs ... and all the reasons that we need support and a framework of friends around us and a blog world to sound off in once in awhile.
May I take two seconds today to remind you, as I have once again been reminded, that it helps if we have a few things on hand to deal with the surprises that are handed us. I am in no way an expert in the medical world, but recently, as in the last few years and again in the last few months, I have become an expert in taking care of surgical wounds. The reason I bring this up is that sometimes we take for granted that the "supplies are downstairs - or upstairs, or in the closet- in the box." That's where we expect them to be. That is where we think they should be. And sometimes - all of a sudden - we find ourselves in the middle of having to care for someone in a situation that requires patience with the patients. And at the same time we need those supplies so that we don't have to leave those patients at a critical time.
That means the sermon for the day is - get a handle on what you need to be dealing with; whether that be allergy attacks, asthma attacks, constant mini-surgeries or the events surrounding a new baby, or dealing with an ill, older relative. What supplies SHOULD you have on hand - right now?
We (Larry) had another surgery - minor this time. But I had neglected to check up on how many Telfa pads, Q-tips, non-stick tape, Peroxide and all the other fun things required. aAnd when was the major lack of these things discovered? Smack in the middle of the first day home - when they were needed and it was most difficult to get away.
Was it a major disaster ? No. Was it an inconvenience? Yes. Did it cause a "whole bunch of frustration"? Yes. Well compound what was a realtively simple experience by a severe storm or whatever you want to conjour up, and just maybe this blog will work as a reminder and a wake up call. That is if you don't smack the snooze alarm and say you don't need to hear this.